I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, land of empowered despots, beauty, and corruption. However, in the early 21st century, I moved to a place near the US called Miami. Today, I actually live in the states and currently work as a software engineer here. And yes, I happen to like what I do for a living.

In case the above paragraph doesn't answer everything you ever wanted to know, I can be reached using the contact form.


Music matters a lot to me - especially the classical variety. I was formally trained as a concert pianist, so that and my parents account for much of my interest. To this day, I still practice for a few hours a day. At the moment, I play in private and for friends, but maybe some day I'll return to public performances.

Computers are my other big interest, having used them since I was 5. I've gone through every OS and hardware setup imaginable. Well, that's a lie. Every post 80s setup. Can't say I ever programmed using punching cards. These days, I reluctantly use Apple hardware, but prefer Linux as my OS of choice. See my thoughts on Apple below.

On Music

Coming soon.

On Art

Anything not post modern. I have a hard time thinking of No. 5 as art and not decoration. In many ways, I agree with Stuckists. Of course, that's not to say people like Pollock and Hirsht aren't creative or original.

On Apple

My brother and I started out with a black and white Mac. Seemingly we were the last people in the world with Macs in the 90s, judging by the increasingly smaller Mac software section at CompUSA. Finally, in the late 90s, we switched to a Packard Bell in the land of opportunity: Windows 95. These days, after years of building my own Linux boxes - yes I did just call them that - I finally, if grudgingly, returned to Apple when I bought an iMac. Not because I'm a particular fan of the software (I still run Linux), but because it's the best looking hardware out there. As an aesthete, I could only oblige.

On Dashes

I much prefer them to commas. I have my brother to thank for the introduction. I suggest you read up on them.

On Food

I cook but I am an anti-foodie. Case in point, I once went into a movie theatre just to get nachos and leave. I consider Nutella to be humanity's crowning achievement when it comes to food. So you can imagine my skepticism at buzzwords like neurogastronomy.

On Taxation

It's very simple. No deductions whatsoever. Implement marginal tax brackets - say 15% through 45%. Oh and capital gains are taxed just like regular income. Of course, this will never happen for quite a few reasons.

On Pets

Obviously dogs.

On Joins

Obviously inner joins.

On People

I've worked with quite a few people these last few years, but a few notable ones stand out.

Michael Berneis is always a great help. He can literally - and metaphorically - do anything. And yes, he does have the best headshot in the business.

Jason Trobman is a Drupal connoisseur. I learned that last word using his French iOS app. His facial hair is the stuff of legends.

Agustin Casiva is best described as an Argentinian programming ninja. He can jump into any code and fix it in minutes. Before you've had a chance to react.